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    Premiere 7 (Will not Start-up)

    RndmPplPrsn Level 1

      Computer: HP m7580n (UPGRADED) 320 GB Internal HDD, 1TB External HDD, NVIDIA 9800 GT GPU, Dualcore AMD CPU 3.0 GHz, 4GB of RAM, XP Pro (SP 3.5).


      Problem: On startup the large purple PE block runs sweeping through the executables at the bottom of the block, but it seems to stop at Wave_Warp.AEX. I get a prompt on how my computer has received a serious error from Premier Elements, etc.... Microsoft Event view reads it as 'Event 1000.'


      Extra: I have been able to use Premier 7 proabably 10-50 times successfully with little or no issues. I had changed a couple things on my computer trying to fix an internet problem. However the only thing that I remember doing that might have been harmful to the software startup was un-installing some programs, but none of those were directly Premiere associated.  I have also reinstalled PE and nothing has changed.