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    Help! Changing color of path/anchor selections!

    Mathew Rudes



      My name is Matt, I'm a beginner/intermediate Photoshop user and I just started getting into Illustrator. I saw a PixelPerfect episode where he made a fantastic geometric lace pattern, and I wanted to be able to do that too. I bought some tutorial CDs from MacAcademy, which have been very useful.


      But I've run into a big problem. I'm severely disabled, and my eyesight can be strained at times. One of the lessons on the CD was creating a gradient mesh on this orange circle to make it look like an apple. Once I made the gradient mesh, though, I could hardly see the "grid" of path/anchor points (I'm not exactly sure what to call it...not the rulers, like "one inch, two inch", but the points you can select with the Direct Selection Tool, connected by lines). The "grid" of anchor points in a 4x4 gradient mesh is this horrible red color. On an orange background it is really hard for me to see, and I can hardly tell when I have a point selected. But when I changed the circle to red and then made a gradient mesh, there was no "grid" at ALL! Totally impossible to see the anchor points / lines of (?)paths(?). And when I have the object selected with the Direct Selection Tool, and then just move my cursor outside the circle (not deselecting, just moving outside like I'm going to go click something else), then all the anchor points appear in nice white boxes, which disappear when I go to select one of them.


      I tried going through all the preferences, but the only colors I could change were of rulers and grids, both of which I know about (dragging X-axis ruler guides, Y-axis guides, and having an entire grid over the whole image). The "Selection" part of preferences has those three options for what kind of dots you want on your anchor points and handles, but I don't see much of a difference when I change from one option to another. The worst thing is w I want to know if I can change the darn color of this transform grid to black, or white, or anything but red.I hope I can!!!


      I'm working on a Mac OS 10.5, if that helps.


      Thanks for any help you can give me!



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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          you didn't tell your Illustrator Version. If it is equal or higher than CS3 you can change the color of paths by changing the color of layers. Just double click on the layer in the layer panel and chose a different one from the list.



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            Steve Fairbairn Level 5

            The colours of the vectors, handles and stuff are controlled from the Layers pallette. Just double-click on the layer name and you get a layer attributes dialogue box. The colour is changed there.

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              Mathew Rudes Level 1

              Thank you guys SO MUCH!!! I'm working CS4, and double clicking the layers icon worked perfectly. I wondered why my circle was red while the CD's was blue (the CD tutorial is about CS3, though)


              But now I have another question, not as crucial as the first but still kind of annoying. Now that I know how to change the color of the paths, I want to know how to keep the path intersections showing up as little open white circles. When my Direct Selection Tool is outside my orange circle, it shows all the 4x4 gradient grid as blue lines (yay!), and at each intersection there is a little white circle that says "Hey, here is a point you can manipulate!" I like that very much. But then when I move the cursor inside the orange circle (to manipulate them, say), those white circle-indicators disappear. Even when I select one or multiple points, they never show up unless I move my cursor goes outside the orange circle.




              I've tried again going into Preferences and to the Selection and Anchor menu and changing the Anchor Point and Handle Display to all combinations of "Anchors" and "Handles" but nothing seems to get those white circles to stay.


              Another thing that annoys me is that, for the life of me, I cannot find a simple, downloadable PDF of the Illustrator CS4 manual. I have the Photoshop CS4 manual, which is great when I want to search a specific thing, but I'd really like the same for Illustrator...does anyone know if one exists, and if so, where I can find it?


              Thanks so much for all your help, Monika and Steve!



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                Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                I'm not quite sure what you mean with little white circles, perhaps you could post a screenshot.


                You can download a PDF-Version of the manual at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Illustrator/14.0/index.html (there's a link to the PDF in the top left corner of the page




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                  Mathew Rudes Level 1

                  Hi Monika,


                  Thanks for the link to the website, that'll help a lot.


                  I think I might have found a solution, but I'm not sure. Hopefully I can attach two pictures to this post that show the circle with a gradient mesh, that is selected, and how it looks with the cursor outside the circle (white dots appear at each intersection of the paths) and inside the circle (no dots).


                  My possible "solution" came unwittingly from my mom. She used to be a graphic designer and an expert at Photoshop and Illustrator, but that was before even CS1, so she insists she doesn't know anything about them now (even though I try and convince her otherwise). She talked about the different views. I knew about Outline View and Preview View, but then below those in the "View" menu are "Overprint" and "Pixel" views. Not sure what they do, , but in Pixel View the circles do stay put!


                  Inadvertent solution, or just work-around?


                  Thanks for all your help!



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                    Mathew Rudes Level 1

                    Hmm, don't know if pics show up, they just say "Queued," let me try again....and I'll draw arrows to the circles (this is when the Direct Selection cursor is outside the entire circle, as soon as it moves inside the circle they disappear and become the same color as the path, in this case blue)

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                      Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The behaviour you describe seems not normal. The color of the marker should actually reflect if the mesh point is selected or not. If the mesh point is selected, it's filled, if it's deselected, it's hollow (white).