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    Getting the Dynamic Link from Premiere Pro to AE

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      I read the dynamic link process in the Pr Pro on line ref manual BUT I'm just not getting easily as they say.


      In Premiere I have edited my clips and they are on the time line in a sequence.

      I want to take the edited clips, that are on the time line, individually into AE to do my effects and color correction.


      I know to go to File >Dynamic Link>New AE Comp--- but the problem is that when I get the empty AE linked Comp I can only import the unedited clip from Pre Pro.  What am I doing wrong???   is there a way to copy the clip from the time line an put into the AE comp.   I did try to do that by simply copy and paste but the clip that ends up in AE is not readable.  I pasted it into the timeline window of AE, it shows up but contains nothing.  When I double click on it I get and error message saying invalid Quick time movie


      I am on a Mac usign CS4


      Thank U