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    finding bottomScrollV property of a textArea

      I am trying to make a textArea scroll by a 'display length' using actionscript, to clarify, the textArea could be set to any height, and if the content overflows then instead of scrollbars appearing a 'next>>' button appears, when this is clicked the text is scrolled by the height of the box, effectively paginating the text.

      In the actionscript 3.0 cookbook there is an explanation (chapter 9) on scrolling textFields with actionscript, whereby important properties like bottomScrollV are available to make this quite simple.

      However I am using a textArea, in which the bottomScrollV property is not available.

      In the flex docs, it says that each textArea has a textField property:

      "textField: property - protected var textField:IUITextField
      The internal UITextField that renders the text of this TextArea."

      in which the property could be found, but I can't seem to access this property, I get the error:

      "1178: Attempted access of inaccessible property textField through a reference with static type mx.controls:TextArea."

      is this because the property is 'protected'

      any advice welcome. Thanks