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    Difference between DV PAL & DVCPro-PAL

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      I have a JVC and the files download as .mod.  I've followed the advice given in the FAQ and downloaded the MPEG Streamclip software.  I have several questions and one problem which I'm not sure if you will actually be able to answer as it is not directly a Premiere Elements question.


      Could someone explain in laymans terms what the difference is between selecting Apple DV-PAL & DVCPRO-PAL?

      Do European countries (in particular Italy) use the NTSC format?

      If they do does that mean I should be converting the .mod file to NTSC before putting them into Premiere Elements?

      I live in Australia and have been working with PAL more than NTSC.  I want to create a vid for family in Italy and want to make sure they will be able to view the vid in their DVD players.  Is it possible to create a PAL and NTSC version from the same file?


      Finally - When I downloaded the MPEG Streamline software I was told I needed to download an "alternative" program.  it said it wouldn't affect my iTunes but since uninstalling quicktimes my iTunes (Version 8) doesn't work.  Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


      Thanks in advance for your advice.



      PS.  I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I'm using PE4