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    ACR 5.4 Mac, Adjustments not faithful on save


      I've just started using ACR and CS4 on a Mac and have not seen this issue in Windows.


      The problem is:

      I open a Canon CR2 from Bridge into ACR

      Make adjustments to exposure

      Save Image to JPG or Open Image to Photoshop CS4 Ext

      Compare JPG (in Preview or Photoshop) or newly opened Photoshop document (CR2 extension) to Bridge or ACR and the newly opened version is noticably darker.  Adjustments are obviously being made, but the opened or save image is 1/3 to 1/2 stop darker.


      Tried updating all software to latest version in Adobe Updater, tried a restart, not sure what to do other than compensate for the difference, but that is a pain.