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    Canon T1i and CS2


      I have a sad feeling I know the answer to this question, but if I use CS2 and have the T1i, will I be able to get any kind of upgrade to process the raw files?


      Thanks so much!

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          No, download the FREE DNG Converter and convert the files to DNG....note, you'll need to have ACR 3.7 to open the DNG files. And also note you are leaving substantial and MAJOR image quality on the table by not updating to CS4. Seriously...ACR 3.7 sucks compared to ACR 5.5.

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            sfwil79 Level 1

            thanks so much, i just figured that out right before getting your reply and it does work.  I know I need to upgrade and can't wait until I do, but just can't shell out the dough right now.

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              if you install the software that comes with the T1i, you can select a photo in the viewer, and then go to tools, and transfer it to photoshop.  the file ends up trasfering as a TIFF file.