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    multiple document level javascripts

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I've just created a document level javascript that assesses the viewer's version of acrobat. I also need to create another document level javascript that will open a popup menu when the document is opened, providing instructions on how to fill out the form. Since there will be two document level javascripts happening at the same time, ie. when the document opens, I wondered if someone could tell me if this is going to cause some conflict. I mean the second javascript that creates the instructions popup is going to happen for everyone when the document opens but the first viewer version javascript will only be triggered if the viewer's version is less than 7.5. So I wondered if someone opens the file and both javascripts are triggered, will this cause an error, or will both popup boxes appear on the screen at one time. I can't actually test this myself since my version of acrobat is current.


      Appreciate any advice.