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    LoadVar and symbols


      Hello all,

      I just learned how to pass URL from a JS in my html to a flash object.

      I am using Call function and LoadVar to make a call to the URL.

      However, when trying it I see my browser (FF) status bar saying "waiting for a.b.com...." and nothing happens.


      The URL contains "&" symbols - can this be the problem?

      Hope my problem is clear, thanks in advance!



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          An ampersand (&) could only be a problem if you are not using them for a querystring.  It is possible that the parser is seeing the ampersand and thinking you are going into a querystring, and then getting messed up with a 404 - file not found. If this is the case, URLEncode that & to %26 and the parser will see it as it is.


          If, however, you are using the & for a querystring, then it is not the problem, and you could be looking at one of several other issues.


          If this is the case, or the first doesn't work, post the pertinent code here, so a closer look can be taken.

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            deoffer Level 1

            Hi Ross,

            Here is the code snippet:




            var _lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();




            I tried replacing the "&" with "%26" but same behaviour - the browser reports "waiting for www.domain.com" in the status bar and nothing happens.

            The "&" is not a part of the querystring.


            Any ideas?

            Many Thanks!



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              RossRitchey Level 4

              You are using it as a querystring, so URLEncoding is not necessary


              From the code you pasted (which is not much) I'm not sure how you are catching the load of the variables.


              Typically this looks like:


              (In AS2 - can't tell from your pasted code which you are using)

              _lv.onLoad = function(){







              Also, in the pasted code there is a space (&conte ntId=123).  I am guessing this is a typo in here, but if not, that is likely what is breaking your URL.