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    How to give a "channel changing on TV effect between two vids" on after effects

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      Hi everyone, im very new in this forum, but I am already a little experienced in using the Adobe After Effects.  I've been preparing a present for a very close friend of mine in which I used the keying tool as my main work.  Now I'm doing the latest editings and Ive thought that if I could add a channel changin effect between two scenes in my movie, it can look more fluent, smooth, entertaining and more suitable to the purpose of the final outcome of my movie.  By this effect I mean what the old TVs used to have, you know, the white and black stripes appearing as the channel changed, giving a little buzz sound... I hope I am clear enough and I hope someone can help me about this because I couldn't think of anything to make it happen.  I thought if I could somehow use the Adobe Flash software, but I found no solutions there too.


      Please help me if you know how to preapare such an effect between scenes.


      (If you dont, still I would appreciate any other ideas you can offer as a cool changing effect)


      Thank you very much.