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    Flash CS4 and Snow Leopard

    martinjamesroberts1 Level 1

      Hello there,


      Flash CS4 was working perfectly for me for a couple of months (Master Collection), upgraded to Snow Leopard yesterday and bam Flash crashes every time I open a .fla file.. SWFs open and operate fine.... but as soon as I create a new file or open a previous fla it bombs out! I reinstalled flash, didn't work... reinstalled the entire master collection, didn't work... tried installing my old version of flash CS3 and THAT won't even open up now without crashing.. I'm currently installing flash on an older machine I have but this is REALLY starting to annoy me as I use flash the most out of all the applications.


      What is the point of buying a Mac Pro if I have to use  an old machine to use Flash ?



      Please help!


      Many Thanks

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          martinjamesroberts1 Level 1

          Ok, after 6 and a half hours of fun I have discovered that the reason for this is due to fonts problems, I had removed my fonts from font agent pro although not from font book..


          To see if this problems is what you are having:-


          1) Boot up your mac in safe mode (hold down shift immediately after you hear the startup chime) This disbles all fonts

          2) Open flash and your problem file (files) or any (fla) file really to check it doesn't crash

          3) If flash opens successfully and the file opens showing a missing font dialogue box, you have the same problem..

          4) If this is the case reboot..

          5) Remove all of your own fonts from your font application (Suitcase/Font Agent Pro)

          6) Remove all non system (user) fonts from Font Book (make sure to back up your fonts first as this erase them of the system)

          7) Delete the flash preferences (com.adobe.flash-10.0.plist) file located in (user)/Library/Preferences

          8) Relaunch flash


          With a bit of luck... problem solved !


          I hope this saves some other poor soul who had been looking forward to updating their website whilst off work to not waste 6+ hours sorting it out..



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            I saw your other post here (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/481620) and replied. Nothing is working for me, even working with the fonts like you describe here. Any other tips you can provide?