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    Specifying FontStyle from MXML and FontRange


      I can embed the Arail.ttf file and apply FontStyle=Italic property in my MXML tag and it shows me a italic form of Arail font. But when I try to use the same embeded font using FontRange and specify FontStyle = Italic in font range the italic font is not shown on the UI. Why is there a difference in MXML and Font Range ?


      I understand that I should use ARIALI.TTF file for Italic fonts but the problem is that it increases the size of my SWF. And even if somebody has used a italic style for couple of words it increases the size significantly. I want to avoid that.


      Can you tell me why FontStyle on normal Embede font work from MXML and not from FontRange?



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          matthew horn Level 3

          If I understand your question, then setting the fontStyle to italic in MXML causes Flash Player to use a non-embedded version of the font unless you embed the version of Arial with the italic fontFace. In the case of Arial, since that's a common system font, it will look like it's using the embedded font. Embedding fonts is a very expensive process, which is why font ranges let you specify only the glyphs that are required to render the text.


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