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    Clip Notes in CS4/Acrobat 9: exports transcript, no controls for QuickTime

    tunghoy Level 1

      When I use the Transcribe feature, then export my project to Clip Notes, it exports every transcribed word as a separate comment. There doesn't seem to be any way of suppressing that, and there doesn't seem to be a way of deleting a transcription either in PP or in Acrobat. The result is that the reviewer sees all these comments and has to fight with Acrobat to insert new comments. When I import the xfdf back into PP, I get the whole transcription loaded into markers along with the reviewer's comments. Unless I open every one, I can't tell what's what.


      Is there at least a way of deleting the transcription in PP or Acrobat?


      Also, if I export the video as QuickTime, there are no player controls in Acrobat. I only get player controls if I export as Windows Media. That means that some Mac users won't be able to use my Clip Notes exports. I've seen others asking about this, but no answers. Any ideas? I'm running this under Windows Vista Ultimate.