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    Can't edit captions


      I have a form that was created by printing an excel spreadsheet to PDF and then we are editing in Livecycle ES - the form fields have been added.   However, we can't edit the captions for a radio button group and options like insert Text are grayed out in the menu.   Is there just something weird about this because of the way it was created??

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          When you import a PDF document into LiveCycle Designer, the "boilerplate" or contents of the document are basically converted to an image, and they cannot be edited.


          If you need to change the captions, you can try the following...


          1) Edit the source document and regenerate the PDF to be imported into LC Designer... or


          2) In LC Designer, cover the caption with a rectangle object (filled white) and create a new caption using a Static Text object (positioned on top of the rectangle)




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            hml398 Level 1

            You misunderstand the problem.   I am using the radio button option in LiveCycle and when I place the radio button on the form - there is no way to add or edit a caption for that radio button.  If I try to copy/paste a radio button group from another form where i CAN edit the captions, I get an error message from LiveCycle telling me that this has features not avaialble to this PDF and it strips the captions out and there is no place to edit.    Text and squares and circles as an option are grayed out in Livecycle as well...

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              SForrest96 Level 4

              Sorry, I did misunderstand the issue.  When you import a PDF (created from Word, Excel or any other application) you are presented with a dialog that gives you two options... "Create an Interactive Form with fixed pages" or "Create an Interactive Form with a flowable layout".  If you select the "fixed pages" option, a form is created where all boilerplate is representated as an image and cannot be edited, furthermore, only "interactive" form objects can be added to the form, such as fields, radio buttons, list boxes etc.  As you have noticed, the "non-interactive" objects such as "static text", and "rectangles"are disabled.  In addition, the non-interactive properties such as captions (static text) are also diabled.  LC Designer is bahaving as intended, it is meant to give the form designer a very accurate copy of the original document layout.


              If you import a PDF and select the "Create an Interactive Form with a flowable layout", the "boilerplate" from the original PDF is editable, and the non-interactive form ojects and obect properties (captions etc.) will be available.




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                hml398 Level 1

                Thanks!   Now if there was only a way to go back and change my answer because now I have to recreate ALL of these forms!

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                  arvindkumar7 Level 1

                  I just want to know a simple thing that is there a way to edit captions of form fields in adobe reader.