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    Repairing Corrupted Files?


      Hey guys!


      Lately, my captured files have been getting corrupted.  They play OK in WMP (with a few small glitches) but they crash Adobe Premier Pro CS4 (ver 4.1.0).  When Premier crashes it gives me a message saying that the AppName: importerprocessserver.exe has stopped and needs to close.  The captured files are Uncompressed AVI created using a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card.  I didn't have this problem before and I don't know what's causing it either.  All I know is that the files I capture are somehow getting corrupted and I want to be able to fix them.  Is there a way to fix the corrupted files so that I can get back to work until I'm able to reformat and start all over?  So far, the only work-around I've found is to cut the corrupted pieces out of the video, but that gets old quick.  Any help is appreciated.


      Here are some relevant images:


      - Crash Window



      - GSpot Screenshot of File type used





      I read that DivXRepair could repair corrupted AVI files but I wanted to consult with you guys before making any moves.


      Thanks so much for your time!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I would stay far away from DivX and instead contact BlackMagic. IIRC there have been some problems with BM and 4.1.

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            Jose7822 Level 1

            I know, but they're closed today :-(


            I think I'm gonna risk it and give the DivX a try (unless someone else has a better idea on how to repair corrupted files).  If that fails then I'll have to cut out all the bad sectors of the files and render them like that.  Then re-format and re-install everything from sratch and hope eveything will go back to normal (fingers crossed).  This sucks bananas -_-

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              It is a matter of weighing time and effort - and I can't offer any advise on BM material since I don't have a BM card- but DivX does not seem like a good idea to me. DivX is a delivery format. They know nothing about editable formats, so it is very doubtful they know how to make a corrupted file (from their delivery point of view) into something editable. But please let us know how you fare. It may be worthwhile for others with similar problems.

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                Jose7822 Level 1

                I read in another forum that this DivXRepair app was the solution for someone else having the same issue I'm having, which is why I decided to give it a shot.  And, yes, I'll definitely report back with the results which hopefully will serve to help others with this problem.

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                  Jose7822 Level 1

                  OK, so DivXRepair finished scanning one of the files that I was having problems with and came back with this:





                  Bad Frame Report from DivxRepair

                  File Name: F:\Video Capture\Clan Battle.avi ; Total frames: 23201
                  Scan Complete. All Frames Appear Good.





                  So it seems there are no bad frames in this video.  Next thing I'll do is test the audio file and see if that's what got corrupted.  By the way, I had already used Windows Disk check and it came out showing no bad sectors from my HDDs.



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                    Jose7822 Level 1

                    Alright, I'm back with bad news.


                    So I loaded the video file in a New Project and only dragged the video to the timeline.  I played a portion where I knew Adobe would crash and, sure enough, it crashed.  The video freezes, though playback continues, and eventually Adobe gives me the screen I attached to my first post.  This leaves me with editing out all the bad parts manually :-S.  Like I said, I'm reformating everything and starting from scratch after this project is done.  I don't now what happened, but everything was working fine before.


                    Anyways, thanks for trying to help me :-)

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      If you have the patience, give BM a call tomorrow. It may save you the trouble of reinstalling everything.

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        >I don't now what happened, but everything was working fine before


                        When everything is working properly again (having to format and reinstall everything sucks) buy and use the program at this link to make a FULL drive image to an external USB hard drive


                        Since it compress as it creates, you should be able to make drive images before each new install... and restore if needed when something stops working



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                          Jose7822 Level 1

                          Thanks John!


                          That's always a good idea.  Trust me, this is a lesson learned.


                          At least I'm able to work with the files as long as I remove the corrupted parts.  The only thing is that I forgot how to unlink the audio from the video.  You see, the corrupted parts made the audio go out of sync with the video and I want to be able to move the audio freely in order to re-sync it again with the video.  I know I did this before but I'm not able to figure it out again.  Can anyone tell me how to do this? :-P


                          Much appreciated :-)



                          P.S.  Nevermind, I found it :-)

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                            Jose7822 Level 1



                            So I was able to finish the project I had (though it was a PITA having to remove all the bad sectors out of the video) and did a fresh install of everything (OS, drivers, you name it).  I also tested my HDDs with a utility recommended by Seagate (I have 2 x 1TB Barracudas in RAID 0 for capturing) and they both came out good.  The end result is that the problem is still there TT_TT.


                            Next move is to call Blackmagic tomorrow and find out if the hardware is faulty, cause I know it's NOT Adobe.  I don't even use Adobe to capture, I use BlackMagic's app for that.  The errors show up in WMP, but they don't crash it.  The only thing left is the Intensity card/drivers.  I'll let you guys know how that goes.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I've had good luck with Digital Video Repair. It's a freeware program and has saved the "bacon" on a few occasions.


                              Now, you have gotten the Project out, and DVR would only be a stop-gap, if it did any better than DivX Repair. I'd definitely track down the cause.


                              Good luck, with BM,



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                                Jose7822 Level 1

                                OK, good news!!!


                                I decided to give it another go, and rolled back to the previous drivers (version 3.1.2).  Now everything is back to normal, yessss!!!!


                                I called Blackmagic to let them know about this issue, but they said they haven't heard anything from other customers.  Our guess was that the problem could stem from their Media Express app since most people just use their favorite NLE to capture, but I use their Media Express app for that.  Anyways, I'm a happy camper cause I'm able to capture reliably again.  Thanks for all your help guys.  Hopefully this could help someone else out there.


                                Take care!



                                P.S.  The driver version I was having problems with is v.3.2.0.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  Glad you found the culprit. Now all you have to do it wait for BM to fix it. And good that a rollback allows you to continue now.


                                  BTW, my post #1 was spot on, wasn't it?

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                                    Jose7822 Level 1

                                    Thanks Harm!


                                    I wonder, could you tell me what kind of problems people were having with BM and CS4?  Cause, like I said, BM was totally oblivious about it.  I was the first one to call regarding this, so I wonder if you've seen other people having the same (or similar) issues as mine.



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                                      Nice job!

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Glad that you got it sorted, and thank you for posting the driver version numbers. That WILL help someone else in the future.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          Jose7822 Level 1

                                          Sorry guys, I spoke too soon.


                                          Seems like the problem is still there, though not nearly as pronounced as before.  I have eliminated Blackmagic driver 3.2.0 as the culprit and now am focusing on my setup.  For some reason the Blackmagic app wasn't reporting dropped frames while capturing, and the disk check app they offer to test your disks was not telling me the whole truth either.  But, the bottom line is that now I'm getting closer to finding out what's causing my issues (though I'm still experimenting with other possibilities).  I don't want to give false information again, so I'll let you guys know about it when I have more proof.


                                          Until then!