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    motion tracking and masks

    proenza Level 1



      i'm getting stuck here.

      i know that one time i made a motion tracking and use a mask without to keyframe manually.

      i have a movie clip with one guy walking and i motion tracked that, after, applied data to a null

      i had a layer bellow with the background empty so when i use the mask over his head, it seems he doesnt have the head. but now i can't put the data on the mask. and i know i did that last year in aftereffects, without scripts. i used copy/paste frames or the expression on mask path linking to position keyframes of the null

      i know i did that in cs3, but in cs4 i cant


      i think that already dont have the project that i made last year


      any thoughts?



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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          What if you copy your mask on a solid, then link the solid to the tracked null and use it as a trackmatte ?

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            proenza Level 1

            it doesnt work



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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

              Why doesn't it work?

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Please be more specific. While we all appreciate short and to the point postings, nobody can guess your issue. "My car doesn't run" type of posts are never a good way to get qualified help. Post a screenshot or describe more clearly what exactly you are doing/ intend to do!



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can't apply tracking data directly to a mask without a script. You can apply tracking data to a layer that contains a mask and use that layer as a track matte.


                  Tracking data looks like this:



                  Adobe After Effects 8.0 Keyframe Data

                  Units Per Second 29.97

                  Source Width 720

                  Source Height 540

                  Source Pixel Aspect Ratio 1

                  Comp Pixel Aspect Ratio 1

                  Transform Position

                  Frame X pixels Y pixels Z pixels

                  7 361.799 270.452 0

                  8 364.354 276.231 0

                  9 365.084 280.343 0

                  10 364.487 282.402 0

                  End of Keyframe Data


                  Mask data  isn't about pixels, it's about vectors, vertex position, angles, bezier curves. There are a few scripts out there that let you attach position data to vertex position but that's it. If you want to track and mask the best option is the Mocha Shape plug-in.


                  If you simply  want to move the layer with the mask then you can either copy and paste the keyframe data from the feature center or attach point to the position property of the layer.  You can't just select the feature center and paste to the layer. You'll end up with Tracker 1 Track point 1 keyframes which are not attached to any transform property of the layer. It's a common mistake.

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                    proenza Level 1

                    reaaly appreciate your help

                    yep i would like just move the mask not the layer, and copy/paste frames did not make what i want.

                    if we could add a property for the mask like position would be great. we just have the mask path not position, thats the problem


                    many thanks Rick!




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                      proenza Level 1

                      thanks a lot too, sebastien


                      i meant it works but it gives you other problems