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    Digibeta Transfer newbie question (CS4 encoding issue)



      I need to export some footage (17mins) and transfer it to digibeta, the footage is shot on Panasonic HVX200 HDV 720p (24p) and edited on Premiere CS4 with the HDV 720p 24p setting.

      I got to ask someone from a local transfer service and they said the output file should be in quicktime format, preferably 720x486 uncompressed yuv 10bit 4:2:2 codec. but then he said it needs to be in 29.97fps, even if my footage was shot on 720p (24p) 23.976fps.

      So my questions would be:


      1. should i really encode the footage with the 29.97fps setting? will it change how the footage looks, especially if it is supposed to have a 24p film look?

      2. Also they need 720x486 but the original is 720x480, does it change the aspect ratio a bit too?

      3. I heard there is a file size limit of rought 4~5gig for quicktime format encoding on PC. Since my footage is about 17mins long, I expect the uncompressed file will be very big (i did a test to encode a 10sec clip and the resulted file is about 300mb), so will I have problem encoding file of such size?

      Thanks a lot!