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    Video rendering H.264 Blu-ray. Audio problem.

    diehard bob Level 1

      Hello. I'm fairly new to After Effects, and I am having trouble with rendering a short test film I have made. First off, I imported my footage into Premier pro, because it is HD (File extension .MTS), and shortened it to the length I needed it at. Then I saved it as a Premier Pro file and imported that into After effects to add my effects to it. When I was finished, I added it to the render queue and set the output format to H.264 Blu-ray for quality and used the HDTV 1080i 29.97 preset. After I rendered the video, I opened it up and played it in several movie players, but there was no audio. I even checked it with an audio program to make sure there wasn't sound so quiet I couldn't hear it, and nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks