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    Premiere Elements hangs or crashes when importing .avi files


      When making videos, I use .jpg and .avi files, since that's what my digital camera produces. Lately, if I start a new project, I can load the .jpg's, but when I attempt to load a .avi, the program (Premiere Elements 1, Windows XP, sp3) hangs. If I try to reopen an old project (all files are still there in the original locations), it looks like the program is starting to load the files, then I get an error message to the effect that "a serious error has occurred", and the program terminates. These are the same files from the same camera that have always loaded with no problem before.


      There have been no hardware changes. The only software changes have been the update to XP (from sp2 to sp3), and periodic (unspecified) automatic software updates. Is Premiere Elements not compatible with sp3, or is something else going on? I need a clue as to where to look.