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    Pyro A/V Link causing freezes?


      Up until yesterday, I've never had a problem using my Pyro A/V Link to capture footage from my old Hi-8 camera.  That being said, I haven't used it since I switched to Mini DV a couple of years ago.  Anyway, I decided to capture some of my old Hi-8 footage yesterday using the Pyro and Premiere Elements 4.  I had no problem for the first 20 minutes or so ... and then capture stopped and PrEl 4 froze.  After killing the program using task manager I tried again.  I was able to see and hear my footage playing in the capture window but as soon as I clicked the "Get Video" button, the footage kept playing in the capture window but nothing was actually being captured and the rest of the program totally froze.  I tried several more times but had the same results.


      As a test, once I re-started the program I hooked up my Mini-DV camera and it captured without a problem.  Any thoughts or suggestions?