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    Can I run AE CS4 and CS3 on same system? +Ram Q's

    Jane at SFSU

      I haven't been able to teach my motion graphics course in a year so I am behind on AE doings and the state budget cuts cancelled the purchase of my new laptop SO I only have CS3.  I am scrambling to make this course work!!


      Q:  Can I run AE CS3 and CS4 on the same system?  (we have CS4 on some lab machines but some students have only CS3 at home)

      Q:  Blimpo AE CS4 says it needs "2Gb RAM" vs CS3's "1Gb RAM for DV" (our application) - will CS4 even install and start w/o 2Gb?  If so, can one at least do simple, straightforward work with 1Gb or is it hopeless?


      Thanks for any help you can provide.


      Jane at SFSU