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    Referring to textinput from external action script file


      A newbie question. I hope this is th rught forum. If someone can put me in the right direction.....

      I have a datagrid on a screen with below it other objects (text inputs, combobox etc).
      The datagrid is filled through an xmllist.
      When one of the rows is selected I want to show all the details of the selected row in the fields.
      The XMLList is created in an external actionscript file. The click event of the datagrid creates an XML object of the selected row.
      I can't figure out how to populate the fields in the mxml with the data I have available in my action script file.
      For instance a field with id=customername.
      How do I assign it th value of my XML value 'rec.customer.name'?
      I tried the text="{...}" in the MXML but it gives the warning it won't detect it and surely, the value doesn't get updated.
      Do I need some change trigger somewhere?
      What is the best way for achieving this?