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    CS3 Spry Horizontal Menu Troubleshooting

      Basic info:
      Temporary website: http://playerstheatretest.bravehost.com/.

      The website displays differently in various browsers. I'm mainly having trouble with the spry horizontal navigation bar:

      Safari (3.1.2): The website displays perfectly, submenus open up under navigation bar, no borders or padding around buttons.
      Firefox (3.0.1): White borders appear around the tabs of my navigational bar. I'm not sure where these come from. Submenus open fine though.
      Internet Explorer (5.2 for mac): Submenus don't appear at all when you hover the mouse over the main navigation bar.

      I've also been told that in other versions of Internet Explorer, the submenus open up laterally and covers up other menu buttons. I don't have those versions on my computer, so I haven't been able to check.

      I'm quite new to working in Dreamweaver, so could someone take a look at my code and find out what the problem is? Or how to rectify this?
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Don't test in IE 5.2 for Mac. This is a discontinued browser and should not be developed for. It does not reflect what your site will look like on Windows.

          Also your Spry version is out-of-date. Try running the updater at the link below and see if that helps. Just so you know when you download the package you will get some samples of other Spry features and an Extension. Install the extension and then go into DW and under the Site menu you will see a new option to update the Spry code. Run that and re-upload the SpryAssets folder.

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            Kore12 Level 1
            Ok. I've downloaded the updater, but nothing has changed. Thanks for the quick response though, SnakEyez02! I really appreciate it!

            I've managed to erase the white border around Firefox by playing around with the CSS. But I'm still having problems with Internet Explorer 6 & 7. The drop down menus open horizontally instead of vertically. How can I correct this?

            Also, the menu bar has a blue border in IE, which I'm guessing is because the active text links on my page are all blue. Is there a way to delete the blue around the menu bar links, yet still have my text links in blue?