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    How Do You Trace Numbers In Illustrator CS3


      Hey guys,


      I am stuck! I am very much a newbie with Illustrator although from what I have used I love it.


      I am currently in the process of designing a sticker which is to be cut from Vinyl and I am wanting to know what I must do to Numerical/ Alpha characters to register their outlines as cuts.


      I figure I could go round and trace all my characters and create paths that way, although this seems very time consuming and a primitive method which I highly doubt is necessary in such a program as Illustrator to execute what should be a pretty straight forward job.


      I though that turning off the fill on the characters and registering a stroke would register as a cut, although my plotter operator says not!


      SO my question is how do you create paths (which will reguster as cuts) from numbers/ letters WITHOUT induvidually tracing each character?


      Thanks guys,