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    How do I drop a List item in the exact position in a RichTextEditor


      I am new to Adobe Flex and Actionscripts.


      I would like to have a RichTextEditor and a List on my screen.  I would like to drag the item from the List to the RichTextEditor and the item to be placed in the RichTextEditor at the exact cursor position of the drop.  I have added the dragDrop and dragEnter event handlers to the RichTextEditor, as well as set the dragEnabled property of the List to true; the key is the item must be inserted at the exact position of the drop within the text of the RichTextEditor; ie: if the text was "This is your text" and you dropped the item between the "your" and the "text", the new text will read "This is your <ITEM> text" where "<ITEM>" is the dragged item from the List.


      Please advise.