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    PDF Settings ( Joboptions ), always Standardprofile is used




      I use a livecycle 8.2.1 server with the generatePDFService as webservice.

      In the adminconsole i can convert a lot of formats to PDF. That works nice. But if i want to change the "PDF Format" from for example "Standard (Acrobat 6)" to "Press Quality(Acrobat 5)" than the output file is always the default Standard profile and Acrobat6.


      I tryed every profile, but on everyone i get a "Standard" file.


      Its running on a windows server with Office 07 and Acrobat 9 Pro.


      I also tryed different fileformats ( doc, docx, jpg, txt ... )


      So now i need help

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          Kathy Stone

          When you use the LiveCycle Administration Console to convert a file to PDF, LiveCycle uses the default conversion settings. You can change the default value for the Adobe PDF settings, Adobe 3D PDF settings, security settings, and file type settings.


          1. In LiveCycle Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle PDF Generator ES.
          2. On the Adobe PDF Settings, Adobe 3D PDF Settings, File Type Settings, or Security Settings page, click Set Default Settings.
          3. Select your preferred default settings.
          4. Click Save.

          For more information, see Generate PDF Administration Help.