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    Recommended Settings to Output .m2ts Using MainConcept Pro 3

    StumpyBloke Level 1

      Hi all.


      Newbie here so please excuse the stupid questions that may follow!


      I am running Premiere Pro CS3 and MainConcept MPEG Pro 3 plug in.  My camcorder is a Sony HDR-SR12E.  Its an DD 5.1 AVCHD unit that records in 1920x1080i.


      I can import my captured video with no problem and also create my .m2ts files, however my question is what settings do you guys recommend to use in the MainConcept settings for my .m2ts files?


      I ask because my output video is never as smooth as the original, or at least not normally.  I have messed about with the Fields settings but not one setting (Top, bottom or progressive) will always guarantee smooth motion.  Sometimes bottom will, sometimes progressive.


      Any help with any of the settings would be much appreciated.