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    Move quickly along timeline


      How do I move quickly along timeline if I am at the end of a long clip and want to start viewing at or near the beginning, or vice versa?


      Scrolling seems to make the program crash.  In a different - but awful - editing program, I was able to double-click anywhere along the timeline and the cursor (or whatever you call that red line) would jump over and start playing at the start of the clip I clicked.  That was an easy way to move quickly through lots of footage without hearing the soundtrack play backwards, etc.


      Right now I'm practicing with a short video but soon will be working on a long video where I'm editing and joining several days worth of clips of varying sizes and file types.


      Also, how do I edit specific volume points in the timeline?  The instructions seem clear about changing volume as a whole, but the fade out option doesn't fade out sufficiently and there will be times when i want to change the volume of just a few seconds of footage.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can quickly get to any point on your timeline in a number of ways. The easiest way to get to the beginning is to press the Home key.


          You can also drag the CTI (playhead), use the speed scrubber slider on the Monitor panel or click on the timecode displayed on the Monitor panel and type in the exact place on the timeline you want to go.


          Editing the volume at specific points on your timeline is best handled with keyframing. With keyframing, you add keyframe points to your timeline representing specific effects settings or audio levels, placing the keyframes higher or lower as needed.


          There is some information on audio keyframing in the Help files, but I also cover it in depth in my books.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If clicking on a point on the Timeline is causing a crash, then you likely have an issue with your system. If it were my system, the first thing that I'd look at would be the video card's driver, and updating this would be "job #1." For more troubleshooting, this ARTICLE might yield clues as to what is causing the crash.


            I use the "click-on-Timeline" method, and then the "enter the Timecode" into the Timecode box method, most often with no crashes.


            Good luck,



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