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    DNG Codec Not Working On Win Vista 32Bit


      Having real problems with this DNG Codec I installed onto my Windows Vista 32 Bit system and this is what's happening. Yea, I can now see my DNG raw files through picture viewer and windows explore without going through PS. Unfortunately, when I decide to close down picture viewer the program crashes every time and the computer freezes up. Then I have to choose one of the error solutions to close out the program and the computer reverts back to a normal state after that. Also there is one other quirk it has caused and that is related to the "recycle Bin". When I delete a Raw file into the recycle bin and then want to empty the bin it goes into a non-stop operation of trying to delete the files without actually doing it, go figure and anybody else having similiar problems? Oh, by the way I uninstalled the Codec to see if my computer goes back to its normal behavior and guess what, everything is working as it should so its the Codec that has a major problem.