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    Two high-end USB microphones work outside but not in Captivate

    KSpeed, technical writer

      I just purchased a second higher-end USB microphone to work with Captivate 4 on my Vista laptop (One is the Blue Microphone Snowball, and the other is -- I forget.) Both work great outside of Captivate, but won't register audio within Captivate. (I've changed the settings to point to their drivers in Control Panel and Captivate. When I try to test the levels in Captivate, it doesn't hear anything.) The sound card on the laptop should be adequate. It was built for multimedia.


      I've downloaded the latest drivers for the mics.


      We have a USB Xing that works inside Captivate, but it records too much background static.


      Previously we used a low-end USB microphone with Captivate on an XP desktop to good effect, but the desktop processor couldn't handle Captivate for good video recording. That desktop had no special sound card, but could produce ok audio.


      Does anyone have suggestions for getting the higher-end mics to work? My Captivate has all the latest updates installed.