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    Flex 3 app hangs during initialization


      I have three developers working on a flex RIA that hast suddenly begun to hang at initialization.  Has anyone else seen this issue and what did you do about it?


      The developers can run tha app fine on their own machines, but once we host the app on our web site, it simply fails to initialize.  No error messages, no time out.  It just sits there with the progress bar saying "initializing".  We have been building this app the same way for weeks with no issues.


      Help please.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Usually this is caused by "infinite invalidation".  During the sizing or layout of a component, a property is set on the same component or one of its children that invalidate a property forcing the need for a whole new validation pass of sizing and layout again.


          Since this only happens when you deploy, it might be caused by timing of a server event.  Suppose you are getting data from the server or loading a child swf and when the bits are finished, the UI needs updating, but in the updating you go and get more data or load the same swf or tell that swf to change its size.


          When you run locally, against local data, it is fetched (not streamed) in the next frame.  When deployed it is streamed.


          Set a breakpoint in LayoutManager.as:doPhasedInstantiation.  In a normal app, that gets called 4 to 8 times then stops when the application appears.  If it keeps getting called, step into it, and when validating the displaylist, put breakpoints on invalidateProperties and see who is getting dirtied again.


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