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    Need a reflection on a shiny floor of a person standing

    Alana Bay Level 1

      I'm having trouble getting the reflection I want of a person standing on a shiny green floor.  Two problems:


      •  I need the reflection on the floor to fade out about half way, so that only the person's feet and calves are visible and the rest slowly fades to invisible about thigh level in the floor reflection.  I've tried using a gradient with dark green at the feet level and fading to 0 percent opacity, but I can't get it to fade "fast" enough.  Plus the gradient shadow starts looking a little milky looking against the green floor even though the shadow green of the gradient starts out a lot darker at the feet than the floor.


      •  The feet and calves and shoes are all separate objects.  And when I apply a gradient for the reflection on the floor, the gradient is applied to each one of them which makes them look like individual bubbles.  I've tried everything I can think of to merge the 3 objects into one object so that the gradient will be smooth across all 3.  Nothing seems to work.


      Suggestions appreciated.