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    Data source driver missing and no default selected.



        I have the Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 and it worked find. Then all of a sudden I can't open it to view my pictures. So I'm thinking I may had unstalled something that I shouldn't have when unstalling another program.

        When I try to open Adobe Photoshop I get the following message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified. How do I find the correct driver or set a default driver so that I can open the Adobe Photoshop 3.2 program and view my pictures?

      I've been to the Microsoft web site to download a driver but there are so many mentioned that I don't know which one I should be downloading and I don't know where to go on my computer so that I can set a default driver and even if I did know where to go to set a default driver I don't think I know what to go about setting a default driver without screwing something else up.

      Can anyone talk me through this problem with step-by-step instructions so that a 5 yr old can follow, I only know how to install, start and operate the programs when I purchase them. If they have problems later I wouldn't know where to begin to fix them without messing something else up.

         I also get the following message: Attempt to compact and recover this catalog, then open again.

         The other message I get is this: Unable to open catalog named "My Catalog" because file is damaged.  Then it states: "Please select an action to perform" a.  Open an existing catalog

                                                      b. Create a new catalog named "My Catalog-6.psa'

      There are 5 catalog's already and I'm unable to open either one of them and don't want to add a 6th one until I can open the first 5.

        I would appreciate any help in correcting this problem. Thank you in advance.