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    Resizing Rollover caption popup window size

    webacity Level 1
      When using the rollover caption interaction in edit mode, I type in my text. The problem is when I type in a reasonable amount of text, I expect the pop up window to resize to the text amount. It does not, so I have to manually resize. This isn't so much an problem but when you have a series of of popups appearing then it does become a bit of a problem. Basically I have a list on the left hand side, which the user use the mouse to rollover the caption. The captions appear on the right hand side. When I have a lot of popups they start to overlap and I can't see the active popup window I'm currently editing. I generally have to guess how much to stretch the window by alternating between edit and preview mode. This wouldn't be a problem if the active pop up I was editing was on top of all the other pop ups, so I can see how to resize the popup window
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there webacity

          I may be misunderstanding the issue. If so, I offer my apologies. But as I understand it, you are having issues with getting all the rollovers on a page because after you add one, the rollover caption is covering up the areas you need to see?

          Assuming I was correct in that, you should be aware that you are able to selectively hide these as you go along. If you look at the image I've linked below, it will show you where you may click to hide the rollover.

          Click here to view the image

          Cheers... Rick