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    Problem with Flex Image

    ClubPetey Level 1
      Hey all, hopefully someone can provide a solution to my problem. I've created several vector drawings in Illustrator, I copy/pasted them into flash, converted them to symbols (Movie Clips) and exported them for AS in a SWF file. Over in Flex, I created mx:Image controls and uses the @Embed command to load the SWF symbols.

      The problem is when I run the app, I get tons of whitespace around my images, the image control is grossly oversized for the size fo the symbol. all of the symbols are the same size in Flash, so I cannot figure out where this extra whitespace is coming from.

      My best guess at this time is that the symobls have a lot of image area that is masked out to form the image. it's almost like Flex is calculating the image size including the masked area, then creating the symbol and placing it in the top/left corner. The Symbols themselves are the correct size, but the Image control resizes itself to something far larger. Flash, however does not use this masked area to cacluate it's symbol size/position.

      Any ideas what is going on?
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          ClubPetey Level 1

          Just to make it more confusing...

          I created a flash movie the exact size of the symbol, put the symbol on the stage and published the SWF. If I @Embed the SWF, I see lots of whitespace. If I load the SWF at runtime, it is correctly sized.

          This leads me to believe that the problem lies in the SWF transcoder inside of Flex Builder or the Flex Complier.