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    h.264 encoding for fast start


      Hello everyone


      I'm having trouble encoding a video at a decent bitrate, and more importantly making it start instantly using the h.264 codec with Adobe Media Encoder CS4


      unfortunately I can't share the video publicly so I'll try and describe the situation the best I can


      The original file is a 1 minute motion graphics video with lots of animation and color. encoded with Apple Animation Codec Not the easiest video to encode for the web.


      On one hand I have the video encoded with Adobe Media Encoder CS4.

      - encoding to h264 using .mp4 container. MainConcept Codec obviously

      - 400kbs CBR give a 570kbs file (according to Quicktime)

      - High profile level 3.0 to 3.2

      - 270*480 pixels.

      - comes out a 6.9 MB


      On the other hand I uploaded the video to youtube, and after downloading the mp4 it gave me

      - 570 Kbs bitrate (according to QuickTime)

      - 4.4 Mb file


      and more importantly : the AME encoded file starts playing when 69% is preloaded. the Youtube encoded video starts at less than 1%


      I've fiddled with every option I can find andd I haven't found any option that can make my file start playback instantly, and having Youtube encode all my files isn't really a viable option.


      All ideas are welcome