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    If Pre7 works fine with my system should Premiere Pro CS4 work fine too?

    Photoscout Level 1

      I am considering purchasing Premiere Pro but because it’s very expensive, I just hate to find out later that it’s much more of a resource hog than I can handle. I currently use Premiere Elements 7 and when I edit with AVCHD (not too often), I might get an occasional freeze up (rarely). But I work more with SD and HD and have never had a problem. My current desktop system is as follows: Windows XP Media Service Edition Service Pack 3 Pentium ® D 3.00GHz processor 4GB RAM Radeon X600 256MB Hyper Memory video card (plus burner(s), additional internal and external drives, IEEE-1394 port, 19” (1280X960) monitor) So is it safe to say that if my Pre7 runs well, than Pro should do fine too with my setup? Thanks for any and all help on this.