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    First time publisher - can't get videos to run on web


      I have completed my first big Captivate project and need your guidance, please.  Can you point me to a good resource for help in getting my project posted to my company's website?  I've been working with our IT dept. for the past couple of days to publish to our website, but we're stumped on one issue - How does Captivate link to the flv files internally?  Do we need some type of web server extensions or script?


      What is happening is, I copy all of the files created when publishing to our server, but when I attempt to run the project, my imbedded flv files (which are also posted to the same directory) don't show up in the presentation.  Nothing - the project runs fine in all other aspects, but no videos. 
      I have the video file link pointing to the webserver where it is stored (in each slide that contains video - under Properties for the video; first tab: File link: points to the webserver)