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    OS X Leopard Help Please


      I need some help or even an area to start looking. I have a graphics design lab and a journalism lab both are running CS4 Master Collection. I have over 180 users who log on to these machines with network accounts and their home folders are sitting on an XServe also running Leopard. PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc. etc.. work and launch fine when a network user logs in. When they try to launch Premiere it launches, ask to either create a new project, ask for the place to put the new project and then after clicking ok, it sits for a long time and then crashes. It creates the project in their networked Documents folder and you can go in, double click on the project and then it loads, but that kinda seems flaky. If I log out as a network user, log in as the local admin, it works fine so there has to be a permission issue somewhere but I don't know where to start looking.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.