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    using source code?


      Sorry for noob questions, but I'm confused on how to use source code on Flex.


      Say I download saqoosha's desktop fireworks -



      I ussually just extract the folder into my workspace, go to flex, create a new actionscript project and name it the name of the folder in my workspace. Most of the time this doesnt work, as I dont know how which actionscript file launches the app. Does anyone have an tips for me? And if possible could somone explain how I can use saqooshas source code and launch it through flex.


      Thank you so much,



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          Try unzipping the folder somewhere else, and using File->Import->Flex Project to bring the project into your workspace, rather than copying directly. Then Flex will figure out what file to run etc for you. I pulled down the fireworks project you mentioned and ran it without issue.