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    disk space?!


      hello knowledgeable people,


      I am trying to use the Clip Notes features on PP. I have my sequence set up, highlighted and I go through the whole process. The sequence in the encoder que and when i hit start que, it says that i'm running on low disk space and i need to clear some up. I do not see how this is possible because i have a very fast processor and lots of memory (i'm on a 17 macbook pro, fully decked out) and only Premiere and the encoder are running. Does anyone know why my computer refuses to do what i know it can do?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Think of disk space as how much room you have in the trunk of your car


          Think of processor speed as how big an engine you have


          Think of memory as how high an octane rating gasoline you buy


          You may have a large engine and high octane fuel... and that has NOTHING to do with how much trunk space you have left


          So... how much trunk space DO you have?


          IE - how much FREE hard disk space... and how many hard disks?