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    Code Navigation Error

    jdesko Level 2

      I am using Flash Builder Beta 1 and latest nightly builds.  If I want to load anything spark (for example a spark skin) I go to any .swc with spark in it (ex. sparkskins.swc) drill down to the file I want (ex. ButtonSkin.abc), select it, then I get a Code Navigation Error - Source could not be found (ex. mx.skins.spark.ButtonSkin in /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder Beta/sdks/  mx/Halo files I can load.  I can go to File/ Open/ and go to the directory and load the spark .mxml file for the component that I want.  The original SDK works when trying the package explorer selection way.  No problems running an app with spark components either.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          David_F57 Level 5

          I think you will find that this is caused by swc name changes that occured in the flex sdk a few weeks after the FB beta release, You will probably notice that with the SDK nightly builds in FB Beta 1 that your spark components appear under the custom tag in the components panel. Beta 2 shouldn't have this issue as it would be working with the changes made in the SDK.


          So its just a matter of keeping an eye out for the next beta



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            jdesko Level 2

            Thanks for the reply David.