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    Need automatic resize of flex app


      Hello All ,


      I am getting no help from anywhere. Please help me.




      At first please take a look at the attached pictures.


      The "err.jpg" is showing my application in resolution 800 X 600 . My application size is " 1260px  and height 1020px.".


      You can see that it is showing scrollbar when I am viewing it in 800 x 600.


      I like to see my application as "tobe.jpg" when I am viewing it in 800 X 600 resolution


      I don't want to see scroll bar when I am viewing  it in 800 X 600. I need the property which will automatically show the full view of my application without any scroll bar in 800 X 600 resolution though my app size is 1260px X 1020px.



      To make it more general I need the process which will help me to show my application of any size fit to 800 X 600 without scrollbar and resolution distortion



      Please let me know if there is any way






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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          You will probably need to use a combination of auto-layout and constraint based layout in your application.


          You need to decide what can grow freely and what should stay the same size, but the parts that can grow seem to mainly be the pages.


          We need to see something that indicates what you are dealing with for container structure here.


          Can you tell us what containers and their general qualities are?