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    Need to disable ctrl+c functionality on a Password textfield in flex

    Rohit D
      I have a password textfield in my application. I want to disable the
      functionality of 'ctrl+c' on that textfield.
      I have used the property 'displayAsPassword="true"'. User should not
      be able to copy the typed password and paste somewhere else. So how to
      disable ctrl+c functionality on the specific textfield? I tried to
      capture the event but failed.
           It's the problem with the additional development code.
      In .actionScriptProperties file there is one attribute
      htmlPlayerVersion="9.0.124". If i change the version to "10.0.12",
      then the default functionality (of restricting copy)is lost. When i change the version to
      10.0.12, then it allows the contents of the textfield to be copied. (It's working fine with version 9.0.124.)

      What is the solution on this problem??