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    Quality control

    Victor Burgin

      When I started using AE it was as an occasional supplement to Final Cut Pro. Now I use AE almost exclusively, but am left with what is probably a bad way of working: I build short sequences in AE (between 20-80 secs) render them full-size Animation, and then assemble them in either FCP or, simply, QuickTime Pro.


      I hope to complete my next project exclusively in the AE environment. But for the moment, facing deadlines, I again have a folder of Animation clips I have to stick together. (Square pixels, no video, no fields.) This time around I plan to bring all my AE rendered QuickTime Animation clips back into AE for final color management and output as a single QuickTime Animation file. So much for the back story, here's my question:


      What are the consequences, if any, of putting my clips BACK AGAIN through the render engine ? (or does lossless mean just what it says?)


      Thanks !