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    possible stereoscopic in director ?

    gopal73thakkar Level 1



      i am making a stereoscopic video which is view with specs. any one know about any player xtras wich is working with this type of video import in director.








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          DAVID NAJAR Level 1

          Yes, stereoscopic vision is possible in Director. I´ve worked with the eMagin Z800 HMD, this Xtra: http://www.squaredevils.com/xtras/reqs.html and shockwave 3D (real time 3D) and stereoscopic pre renderer video.


          Acording to my past research about Director and this kind of technology there are no options in the market. The best approach is by developing a custom Xtra using device manufacturer SDK (Nvidia in your case) and Director Xtra Development Kit. Is not so easy this way but acording to your project budget and relevance this could be a solution.


          Hope this help you.


          Have a nice day.