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    Move resources between open documents

    frax_-L75d7K Level 1


      I have multiple illy docs open in different tabs, and I am trying to establish the styles and swatches/colors for this project (which consists of four illustrations) as it goes - instead of defining it beforehand. This gives me a chance to see how the elements work together.


      Anyways - how can I easily move swatches and styles between the open documents? I know I can save the resources as a library (and then open them again in the other tab), and I know that I can also copy and paste objects between the docs (works for swatches, not for graphic styles).


      But is there no smarter way to do this... ?

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          Doug Katz Level 4

          Why doesn't it work for graphic styles?


          Dragging objects with colors and styles assigned from tab to tab may be the most expedient way.

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            You can save Graphic Styles and open them in a new panel and make the panel Persistent. This keeps them available for all documents you open and work on.

            Set up all the graphic styles you need to use through out the documents or project. In the Graphic Styles Panel use the menu in the upper right and go Save Graphic Styles Libaray…, then in this same menu go Open Graphic Styles Libaray>Other Libaray, and navigate to where you saved the Graphic Styles. Once open in a new panel use the menu on this panel and select Persistent.

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              Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can open the Libraries of any file by using the Window>Libraries(Graphic Styles, Swatch, Symbol, Brush)>Other and navigate to the file in question. In the old days you could keep one file of patterns and colors open in the background and they would be avialable to all new files.

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                frax_-L75d7K Level 1

                Sorry, my bad - it works with styles when one copies/drags objects between tabs...


                Having a persistant style library saved works, but only partly - if I want to modify/add styles as I go along, one has to add it to the main Graphic styles panel, and then save it as a library again, then close the library panel, and re-open it...


                I guess another way to work with this would have been to have all four illustrations that I need to do in one document, but with multiple artboards, then I would have all styles and swatches in one place.