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    I goofed up my settings

      Newby here, I was messing with my layers, inadvertantly destroyed something, now I cannot see lines that I create, nor can I see text. The text box appears, along with the handles, but I cant see the charactors.

      Signed, Stuck.
        • 1. I goofed up my settings
          pauliewog413 Level 1
          Correction, when I create a rectangle or text, I cannot see the image unless I move it over a .jpg.
          What I create is transparent, how do I make it visible again?
          I remember messing with the layers and selecting erase.
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            pixlor Level 4
            Did you change the blending mode drop down box to erase?

            Select an object in the Layers Palette. At the top, next to the opacity indicator/selector, does the box say Erase? If so, click the drop down and select Normal.

            If it says Normal, look at the opacity indicator. Is it at 0? If so, click that and increase it.