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    [CS4][JS]Error : Invoke cell in a Table

    kumar1981 Level 1



          I am using trail version of IndesignCS4 JavaScript.I have an empty cell in a table.When I am invoking a empty cell in a table using the statement "myCell.lines.length". Obviously there is no lines in the empty cell.But If i am execute alert(myCell.lines.length); It displays 1. Is it bug ? or any other reason?


      Please explain me.






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          Marc Autret Level 4

          It's not a bug. Every text container uses at least 1 line, because it contains at least 1 insertion point.

          Interestingly, an empty cell contains one line . . . and zero paragraph!


          You may also observe that the single line of an empty container has no character:

          myEmptyCell.lines[0].characters.length == 0


          (but you have: myEmptyCell.lines[0].insertionPoints.length == 1 )