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    <cfajaxproxy> problem

    John Spillman Level 1
      I created a cfm to open a cfwindow with a cfgrid and a simple form input to allow for the addition and deletion of legal values for the population of <cfselect> on any page. This worked great from the initial test page which was located in the same folder as the 2 .cfm, 1 .cfc and 1 .js file that are used to perform this function.

      Near the end of development I desided to move the core files to a folder to be called from. The idea was to just link the main .cfm with <cfinclude> and have the other files linked internal to that file with <cfajaxproxy> for the cfc and <script type="text/javascript" src=""> for the .js file/

      This all works great from the same folder but when it is cross folder even with . notation in the cfc path I receive:
      error:http: Error invoking CFC cfc_Legal_Value_Edit.cfc : Not Found

      <---Inside the legal_value_edit.cfm----->
      <cfajaxproxy cfc="xxx.yyyyy.zzzzzz.DEVELOPMENT.Legal_Values.cfc_Legal_Value_Edit" jsclassname="cfc_Legal_Value_Edit_Class">
      <script type="text/javascript" src="/xxx/yyyy/zzzzzz/development/legal_values/js_Legal_Value_Edit.js"></script>

      <----------Inside test_folder/test.cfm --------------->
      <cfinclude template="/xxx/yyyyy/zzzzzz/DEVELOPMENT/legal_values/legal_value_edit.cfm">

      I hope that is clear enough, and that someone out there has some idea on what I might be doing wrong.